Child Support

California has adopted a guideline child support system that is based on parents net income and custodial time share.  Each court has a computer program that enables the judge to compute child support.  Mr. Falletta has the same child support software program that the courts use.

When meeting with Mr. Falletta to discuses child support please bring the following:

  • Last two months pay stubs
  • Most recent tax return
  • Information re the monthly cost of
    • Health care
    • Mandatory retirement contribution
    • Union dues
    • Mortgage interest – please bring copy of most recent mortgage statement
    • Property tax – please bring copy of property tax statement
    • Child support / spousal support paid from other relationships
    • Job related expenses
  • Self employed persons please bring a schedule reflecting all compensation received year to date, the last two filed IRS schedule 1040 C or C EZ, profit and loss statements, and balance sheets for the two prior calendar years and the current year to date
  • Rental income please bring summaries of all rental receipts, deposits and disbursements and expenses for the prior calendar year and year to date and he last filed IRS schedule E, (part 1).
  • Dividend income The prior calendar years IRS 1099’s, the last filed IRS schedule B, an itemized summary of all funds on deposit, shares of stock, bonds, and other income producing assets owned and the rate of return being paid thereon, and any income derived therefrom during the prior calendar year and year to date.
  • Partnership income/closely held corporation -See Local Rule 5.6.3.